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雪人 - 后续 Snowman - Update


上周我写了一篇关于邻居家雪人的故事。连续好几天的低温,让我们都以为雪人可以“存活”很长一段时间。可没想到气温回升的这么快,以至于第二天早上我们路过雪人时,发现它的整个身子小了一圈!原本憨态可掬的雪人,现在没有了耳朵 ,用来当作雪人眉毛的树枝和瓶盖做的鼻子也都掉在了地上。他看起来太可怜了,所以雨霏和我重新为他做了两只小耳朵、安上了五官,又用雪将他的头填补的更加圆润。雪人重生了,虽然没有以前那样精致却依然活灵活现。可是这个状态也没有保持很久…这几天气温回升,每次我们再见到他时,都会发现它比前一天更小。终于一场雨后,雪人连以前一点模糊的轮廓也不在了,只剩下一个雪堆……


I have to sigh again, the weather in Canada is fickle!

Last week I wrote a story about a neighbor's snowman. The low temperature for several days made us all think that the snowman could "survive" for a long time. Unexpectedly, the temperature rose so quickly that when we passed the snowman the next morning, we found that its whole body was smaller! The snowman, who was originally naive, now has no ears, and the branches used as the snowman's eyebrows and the nose made of bottle caps also fell to the ground. He looked so pitiful, so Yufei and I made two small ears for him, put on his facial features, and filled his head with snow to make it more round. The snowman is reborn, not as refined as before, but still alive. But this state did not last long... The temperature has picked up these days, and every time we see him again, we will find that he is smaller than the day before. Finally, after a rain, the snowman didn't even have a vague outline before, and there was only a snowdrift left...

Although the snowman has left us, it also means that spring is coming. We can't stop the snowman from melting, just like we can't stop the accidents and partings in life. In a short life, if you choose to do something meaningful and complain less, you will find that there are really many good things in life!

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