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雪中铺路 Pave the way in the snow


Last week, there was a snowstorm one night, and my uncle told us that there would be 30 cm thick. The wind was scraped violently outside the window, and the snowflakes were flying. When I was sleeping at night, the snow outside the door was as thick as the next night. When I got up the next morning, the snow was very thick. As soon as I stepped on, my calves and shoes disappeared into the snow. The thicker place where the snow was blown by the wind can be buried for half a body. Uncle said that when Xiao Hei came to eat cat food, such thick snow could not overcome. So my uncle and I stepped on the snow on the road where Xiao Hei was going through the yard. Snow flat places stepped on the road; the snow piles stepped on the arch bridge, and the special channel of small black was born. I believe that Xiao Hei will be very happy to see this scene all the way.

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