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雪中篮球Basketball in the Snow


We went to the golf course on Saturday afternoon, and it happened that when we got to the golf course to start playing, it started to snow. At the beginning, it was just a little snow, and the floating snowflakes created a very comfortable atmosphere for the court environment, so we started to play. After a while, the snow began to fall gradually, and the wind picked up. The dense snowflakes danced in the air with the wind, and the scene was very spectacular, so we staged a "basketball in the snow". In the end, when the snow was falling heavily, Brother Xiaoshan and Brother Hu happened to be fighting each other, and it was already the last round. As always, Brother Shan can always give us a big "Surprise" in the deciding game. After scoring the last three-pointer, Brother Shan won, and the day's game came to a successful conclusion. Interestingly, however, the snow stopped just after we left the field.

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