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雨夜感悟 Reflection On a Rainy Night





On Friday morning, I packed my things in a hurry as usual and prepared to go to the internship location. Turning to look out the window, the heavy rain outside made me frown. Rainy days often bring all kinds of inconveniences: clothes are soaked, soles of shoes are muddy, making people feel extremely irritated. I think this is probably the true feeling of many people on rainy days.

However, late at night, I was sitting in the car going home, and the car lights crossed the roadside. The once unknown grass was now so bright green under the light. This vibrant green, like a light struggling hard in the darkness, instantly broke all my complaints about rainy days.

At this moment, I felt deeply ashamed. We humans tend to only consider problems from our own perspective, complaining about the inconvenience caused by rainy days, but rarely think about what such weather means to other life, such as those seemingly inconspicuous grasses. For them, rainwater is not only moisture, but also the source of their growth and a gift of nature.

The world does not revolve solely around humans. Every rain and every gust of wind is a gift from nature to all life. Although we all know these truths, we often don’t realize their importance. Under the car lights, those rejuvenated grasses reminded me that we should experience the world from more perspectives. In that way, our world will be broader and our souls will be richer. Let us learn to accept every gift of nature with a more tolerant and understanding heart.

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