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雨中救援 "Rescue" in the Rain


On Tuesday evening, my uncle cooked braised eggplant for us in the backyard using a large pot and a gas stove. Suddenly, heavy rain poured down. While helping my uncle with something, I wanted to rush upstairs to get an umbrella for my uncle. Just as I was anxiously preparing to go upstairs, my sister, Yufei and Zichen rushed down with umbrellas. I felt very warm in my heart. Everyone used umbrellas and oven cloths to block the uncle and the oil pan two or three times. Uncle quickly said no, and let us go in quickly. It rained heavily, the ground was wet, people were wet, and everything around was also wet. Although we were standing in the rain, we were all happy and very cool. Uncle fried the eggplant very quickly, and everyone called it a day and went into the house. As soon as we entered the house, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Seeing each other as "drowned chickens", we laughed out loud. Summer is really a lively season, which can always bring people unlimited joy!

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