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離別的不捨 光明的未來


There are two or three days left to leave here to graduate. Suddenly many memories come. These experiences are all quite precious, are hard to get any where else, but I luckily got them. Many words, there are, and it is hard to say them out all at once, so I can only put them into my heart. I hope I would not make the education of uncle in vain, and in the future, facing no matter what, always insist to be a real good person.


This Friday, uncle brought us to a nearby garden of sunflowers. Before, I haven’t seen one like this, so this time when I saw it I felt amazed, seeing those golden things lining to the end of the world. We roamed among it, and took many photos, and played that swing there. At the end of the garden, there was also a large plain of green. Lying on it, looking at the blue sky, when forest is in the distance, I was hit by peace.

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