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之前干活的时候,我觉得只要身体在动就行了,脑子可以放松,所以干活的时候也就是我神游的时候、休息的时候。也因为这样,动作会是慢动作,出错的频率也很高。非常感谢姐姐教给我干活的时候应该如何想,让我能够提升干活时的状态。在写这篇新闻的时候,我发现“总是错误地认为自己很好”的这个缺点阻止了我前进。这也提醒了我应该认真反思,先把 “没有、不是”的想法压下去,要顺着叔叔的话想自己是不是那个状态,要学会正确认识自己。谦虚才能接受叔叔的教诲,才能及时发现自己的问题并改正。

Two days ago, when I was working, my sister taught me a unique secret that I had summed up by myself. For example, when wiping the table after eating, you should focus on wiping the table, thinking about how you should wipe it, first use this side of the rag, and then use the other side. This suddenly woke me up. It turned out that I had to concentrate when I was working, and my mind should be thinking about how to work. It turns out that uncle said that when I was working, Shen’er was not working, and it was true.

When I was working before, I felt that as long as my body was moving, my mind could relax, so when I was working, it was when I was wandering and resting. Because of this, the action will be slow motion, and the frequency of mistakes is also high. I am very grateful to my sister for teaching me how to think when I work, so that I can improve my state of work. As I write this news, I find this shortcoming of "always mistakenly thinking I'm good" is holding me back. This also reminded me that I should reflect seriously, first suppress the idea of ​​"no, no", follow uncle's words and think about whether I am in that state, and learn to understand myself correctly. Only with humility can you accept the teachings of uncle, and only then can you discover your own problems and correct them in time.



At noon today, my sister made us a very delicious Italian-style rice cake. White rice cake strips wrapped in tomato cheese sauce and cooked with onion butter as a garnish. Eat a soft rice cake and drink a sip of soup, which is chewy and moist at the same time. Prepare a plate of watermelon as a fruit after meals, which is cool and refreshing.

My sister's meals are always delicious, because they put their hearts into it. How to match the taste, sour is tomato, spicy is black pepper, salty is oyster sauce, sweet is cheese. Refreshing with fruit, the meal is complete. Watching my sister cook reminds me that you can do things well with your heart.

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