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难忘的生日Unforgettable birthday







unforgettable birthday

This Wednesday, I celebrate my 20th birthday. But more joy comes from the joy of living with everyone every day.

Thinking back to a day in September six years ago, I came to this school with curiosity and expectation. That day, I met the kind elder "Uncle", our eldest brother "Brother Le", and many new classmates. When I saw my uncle for the first time, I felt like a compassionate elder standing in front of me. And when I met my classmates, I felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity and intimacy surrounding me, as if we had known each other in a previous life.

Just one noon this week, the sun shone on my uncle's head through the window, and I accidentally saw a few strands of white hair on his temples from behind. I clearly remember that when I first met my uncle, he had no gray hair on his temples. I told my classmates about this, and everyone was silent for a while. We would rather our uncle think more about himself and worry less about his children.

I still remember that when I first met Allen, his body was not as strong as it is now. Sometimes he would even mistake me for one of my uncle's former students. Tom was not as tall as he is now. He was always following behind us, calling us "brother, brother, brother." Unexpectedly, I have grown into a little genius in music and computers.

Later, when we discussed the topic of birthdays together, we found that what was more important to us was to be able to live happily together.

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