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闻过则喜 Accept Criticism Gladly




In today's society, people always feel unhappy when facing criticism and different opinions. Sometimes, the feeling of discomfort is just because others say something that does not meet their expectations. Some people always think that their opinions are the truth and cannot tolerate the doubts of others. And this attitude also makes them go further and further on the wrong path. Maybe when they suddenly wake up at a certain moment, they find that they have accumulated too much and it is difficult to turn back.

If I don't reflect often and pay attention to my thoughts, I will always feel dissatisfied or unhappy when others point out my problems. This is not because the other party's words are unreasonable, but because they make sense, but I am unwilling to admit my mistakes in my heart. This resistance comes from vanity, unwillingness to face my own shortcomings, and unwillingness to let others see my shortcomings. But this mentality will seriously hinder our growth.

Only when we put down our vanity, do not refute, complain, or escape, and reflect in time when facing criticism, can we truly absorb the advice of others. We should truly "be happy to hear criticism" instead of "covering up for our mistakes".

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