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长大grow up

2023年1月15日,对子滕来说是特殊的一天。这天早上起来,金光十色的暖阳照在身上十分舒服。子滕和往常一样开始练琴,但琴声比以往更加悠长,因为傍晚将迎来今年子滕的第一次钢琴演出。这周天是少有 的好天气,冰雪开始慢慢消融,阳光在温室效应下让室内人感到了炎热。下午四点大家一起出门,正好太阳西陲,在去子滕演出的路上我们再次观赏到了壮美的夕阳。




今天子滕16岁,从他来叔叔这里后从小到大的变化可以看出,子滕未来的人生注定明媚,注定有着不凡的风景。而这些变化,甚至可以称为神迹的改变,则完全出于叔叔对我们的教育,子滕的成长,大家有目共睹,也希望在新的一岁,新的一年,子滕能够更进一步,思想更成熟,心底更善良,前途更光明。 Happy birthday,子滕

January 5, 2023 is a special day for Zi Teng. When I woke up this morning, the warm golden sun shone very comfortably on my body. Ziteng began to practice the piano as usual, but the sound of the piano was longer than before, because in the evening there will be Ziteng's first piano performance this year. This week is a rare good weather, the ice and snow are slowly melting, and the sunlight makes indoor people feel hot under the greenhouse effect. We went out together at four in the afternoon, just as the sun was in the west, and we watched the magnificent sunset again on the way to the performance in Ziteng.

The performance was held in an old church in the city center. It is also the most beautiful concert hall you have ever seen. The dignified building, magnificent structure, and the concept of worshiping God and God by the Western people make the church full of vitality and energy. The performance was initiated by Zi Teng's piano teacher, and there were many pianists of different races, and Zi Teng was arranged to be the finale. The repertoires that Ziteng performed this time are Moonlight Sonata and Hungarian Rhapsody, both of which are performance-level (grade 11) repertoires. And after Zi Teng came on stage, he also received the warmest applause from the audience because of his excellent performance level and zero-miss performance. Some audiences (foreigners) even praised it as the most perfect performance today.

After the performance, we were going to go back, and we went to the supermarket to buy a cake on the way, because today is even more special for Zi Teng because it is his 16th birthday. The age of 16 means that Ziteng has entered semi-adulthood, and even reached the age where he can get a junior driver's license. And now Zi Teng, the level of piano performance, has become an outstanding existence in the same level.

Whenever I think of these things, my thoughts are always pulled back to August five and a half years ago, when Zi Teng was ten years old and came to his uncle for the first time. One was less than half as tall as Zi Teng now, and only weighed thirty-seven pounds. No goals, severe anorexia, mental symptoms, all kinds of problems emerge in endlessly every day. It can be said that in the past five years or so, Ziteng has undergone earth-shaking changes under his uncle's teaching. I think this is what many people find incredible.

Today, Zi Teng is 16 years old. From the changes he has made since he came to his uncle, we can see that Zi Teng's future life is destined to be bright and full of extraordinary scenery. And these changes, which can even be called miraculous changes, are all due to the education of our uncle. Ziteng's growth is obvious to all. I also hope that in the new year, in the new year, Ziteng can make further progress. The mind is more mature, the heart is kinder, and the future is brighter. Happy birthday, Zi Teng

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