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错误 Mistake



Recently I was reading a book called "Stop Going Crazy About Little Things" about how we should treat mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. But many people are afraid of making mistakes, afraid of being criticized, and afraid of the consequences of mistakes. For fear of making a mistake, I avoid doing things I'm not good at as much as possible. The result is that it will never be. Sometimes we will be frustrated and sad for a long time because of a mistake. This book tells us to "accept your mistakes". But accepting your mistakes doesn't mean unconditionally forgiving yourself for your mistakes. We should learn from our mistakes one by one, correct them, and make ourselves a better person. Uncle said: "Don't pay too much attention, but you have to work hard." When mistakes happen, instead of spending time being sad and frustrated, it is better to summarize why you made mistakes and then work hard to correct them. If we can truly see our mistakes as opportunities for us to learn and improve, we will no longer be afraid to make mistakes. We are much happier even in the face of mistakes.

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