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铲雪 Shovel snow



Last night, snow fell silently from the sky. This morning, the world outside the window was covered with new snow, as thick as a quilt. I put on my coat, picked up the snow shovel, and walked into the snow to prepare for shoveling. There was a bit of chill in the fresh air. I started sweeping the snow as soon as I saw it. As a result, I just shoveled the snow on one side, but because I was cleaning the other side, the previously clean ground was covered with snow again, which made me confused. So I stopped and started thinking about where to start shoveling the snow. After thinking briefly, I decided to remove the car cover first, and then shovel the snow next to the car after the snow on the car fell to the ground. During the snow shoveling process, the snow will always overflow from the edge of the snow shovel, leaving a snow mark on the newly cleared path, making it impossible to shovel it all at once. I later discovered that I only use half of the shovel to push snow, so that when half of the shovel is filled with snow, the snow will pile up on the unused side without overflowing the shovel and leaving snow marks. Using this method, I quickly finished shoveling the snow on the driveway and was full of achievements.

It's obviously not possible to use your brain without doing it. Not to mention low efficiency, it may also lead to a series of other problems. Only by thinking before doing things and summarizing when doing things can you achieve success in the end.

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