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In recent days feel more and more relaxed in exercise, while daily exercise also brings us a lot of benefits. It's getting colder now, but we're still going out to play basketball. On the basketball court, when others are still feeling cold in their jackets, we are running in single shirt. This shows that our physical fitness is much better than that of others. Now I not only feel exercise is not tired, but feel exercise is a kind of enjoyment.


With the daily meditation, feel their tolerance gradually becomes greater. Remember when I just began to do meditation was less than twenty minutes already pained the whole body sweating, now meditating for two hours do not feel how painful. At the same time meditation also enhances my self-control, in many things I can control my selves, not like before I want to do anything and just do it. Of course, now I have not achieved far enough, I still have to continue to work hard to improve my selves.

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