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鉴别力 Discrimination



This week I saw an article like this: "If words about the past and future come from the mouth of a vicious villain, people will look down on him and not believe his words easily, just like putting poison in stinky food." There will naturally be fewer people eating it, and the harm will be less. If it comes from the mouth of an upright gentleman, people will believe him out of respect for his personality. Just like putting arsenic in good food, there will be more people eating it, and the harm will be greater. Deep. If a concubine can express her opinions openly and honestly, with the sole intention of saving the world, and is not just a concubine who is obedient and obedient, then her evil virtue will be great."

The Internet is becoming increasingly developed, and we are surrounded by a huge amount of information every day. Having correct discrimination is really a top priority. When we obtain a piece of information, our judgment on the information itself is usually affected by the fact that the information comes from an authoritative person, or we may follow the crowd and follow what others say. Bad information can pollute our hearts and make us forget our goals. We should have the courage to question authority and seek the truth, even if that means going against widely accepted views. As mentioned in the article, we should establish the life goal of "only saving the world" and the moral principles of sincerity and kindness, abandon information that is not in line with the life goals and moral principles, distinguish right from wrong, and express our opinions openly and honestly. At the same time, I deeply feel how lucky I am to be able to come to uncle to receive a real education during the critical period of my growth. I slowly build up correct moral concepts and the ability to distinguish right from wrong. I strive to become a good person while pursuing my life goals. go ahead.

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