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People have been discussing what money is for a long time, but in fact, as early as more than a thousand years ago, Zhang Shuo, the prime minister of Emperor Xuanzong's Kaiyuan period, had already explained the truth of "money" in his "Qian Materia Medica". Zhang said that comparing money to medicinal herbs, it is "sweet, hot and poisonous". It is the top coat for people's meals, a house that can shelter from the wind and rain, and a day when one can do whatever they want, so it is "sweet" and people like it, pursue it, and desire it. But its temperament is "hot", it is easy to be obsessed with it, crazy for it, and eventually "poisoned", focusing on money, and even serious people will be taken to the grave by it. Therefore, how to use the medicine of "money" becomes extremely important. Mr. Zhang said that he has given us seven magic weapons, namely Tao, virtue, righteousness, propriety, benevolence, faith and wisdom. "Tao" means that there must be a degree of retention and use; do not regard money as a treasure, this is called 'virtue'; get and give correspondingly, this is called 'righteousness'; do not seek unreasonable wealth, this is called 'propriety' '; Be kind and benevolent, this is called 'benevolence'; do not breach the contract, this is called 'trust'; do not let money hurt yourself, this is 'wisdom'". As long as you do the above points, money is blindly good medicine.


Since cats have been eating too simple food recently, we made cat grass biscuits for them in order to provide them with better nutrition and rich taste. Dried cat grass powder and chicken freeze-dried powder are added to the biscuits, which not only taste good but are also rich in fiber to help cats digest better. If you have a cat, you can try it too!

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