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金色的花海Golden sea of flowers





Golden sea of flowers

May and June are dandelion bloom season in Toronto. At this time, the green grass is covered with golden petals. Dandelions grow everywhere, whether on the roadside in the city, in the backyard of your home, or next to the basketball court. Compared to other flowers, dandelions are not as unique as they are. They are very common and make dandelions unique from other flowers.

When dandelion flowers wither, they grow white pappus with life. These soft pappus are like seeds of life. When the dandelion flowers wither, they are blown away by the wind and float to other places, looking for a new growth place, continuing the life of the dandelion.

I remember that the dandelions in Toronto last year were not as dense as they are now. Maybe in a few years, the golden sea of flowers will cover every corner of the city.

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