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重温庞贝城的历史Relive the history of Pompeii







Relive the history of Pompeii

Recently, in the classical civilization class, we studied the history of Pompeii. Although my uncle had let us read relevant articles before, looking back at this period of history is still impressive and thought-provoking.

Pompeii was an ancient city about 2,600 years ago, and it is easy to see from the remaining monuments that it was once an extremely prosperous city. It can even be seen from archaeological data that this city not only had hotels, bars, exquisite works of art, but also a large theater that could accommodate the entire population of the city (20,000 people). As can be seen in related documentaries, Pompeii's architecture is magnificent and well-designed. From many aspects and from an archaeological perspective, Pompeii is undoubtedly a very historical and rare artistic treasure.

But such a once extremely prosperous and beautiful city was destroyed overnight and became a relic of history overnight. According to archaeological discoveries, although Pompeii appears to be a prosperous and beautiful city, there are actually many bad cultural factors behind it. Due to people's dissoluteness, excess, and money-oriented concepts, pornography, gambling, and drugs are prevalent here. In some places, there are even words such as "Money, welcome you", which shows the obsession with money. And the law of heaven is clear. When people's thinking is in such extreme indulgence and abandonment of moral principles, they will surely be punished by God.

From a scientific point of view, the destruction of Pompeii may have come from natural disasters and volcanic eruptions, but from the perspective of cause and effect, gods and Buddhas, the reason for the destruction of Pompeii was from people's evil deeds, and people forgetting the kindness warned by God. , treat others with sincerity and other qualities, but choose to immerse themselves in the bottomless abyss of money and desire.

I think the history of Pompeii is a wake-up call for all of us. Maybe we will not suffer the disaster that destroyed Pompeii overnight, but the skynet is restored and karma is not happy at all. It may bring punishment from God. And as long as we can wholeheartedly be kind, treat others sincerely, and be a good person, then life will be bright and God will bring good rewards.

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