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道德与知识 Morality and Knowledge


Recently we were reading "The 38 Letters from J.D. Rockefeller to His Son", in which Mr. Rockefeller told his son a lot about the methods, skills and things to pay attention to on how to become a successful businessman. Of course, he also explained the reason behind these methods and the purpose of doing so. And the basis of these principles is to become a person of high morals, such as being kind, honest and so on. But if we put aside these reasons, the methods have advantages and disadvantages, just like a double-edged sword, these methods can be used to create wealth for oneself and can also be used to harm others. This reminds me of some books about psychology that are popular in China recently, such as various books by Guiguzi and Freud. People buy these books to learn the skills of getting along with others and gain insight into the psychology of others. But looking at the morality of today's society, how many people have correct moral values, right and wrong, and judgment? If not, then reading these books will only allow these people to use their techniques to harm others. The same is true of the methods of doing business that Mr. Rockefeller described in his letter to his son. People with unscrupulous intentions will only use them to do things that harm others and benefit themselves. Of course, to become an elite, reading these books is essential. But we must first improve ourselves, so that we are qualified to learn those knowledge, so as to become an elite, instead of being uncoordinated, thus harming others and ourselves.

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