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I'm on duty this week. One evening uncle told me that we needed to put the leftovers in a bowl outside and feed them to the animals. At that time, I did not look at it, nor did I think that there was dirty water in the bowl. I poured the food straight into the dirty water and it got dirty. Uncle found it and educated me. My uncle told me that I didn't use my brain. If the animals ate the dirty food, the animals would not be comfortable. When I thought of it, I did it for the sake of convenience. I didn't think of animals at all, I didn't think at all. Now uncle education me, tell me their own problems, I must correct their own this thing.


Recently, I found in the process of learning, Sean often asked me for endorsement in the first class in the afternoon. I remember that Sean usually came to me for endorsement at night when he was close to sleep. Now his endorsement speed has really improved a lot. Not only the recitation, but also the homework in this school (uncle here), Sean is basically the first to finish. I must learn from him in this respect.

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