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过年啦!It's New Year!


On January 22, we ushered in the Spring Festival. In order to welcome the new year, we started the general cleaning two days early. We reorganized the usual messy places such as wardrobes and lockers. After tidying up, I realized that there is still so much usable space in the cloakroom. A long time ago, we began to discuss the dishes for the New Year's Eve dinner. So on New Year's Eve, my uncle prepared a large table of meals for us: sweet and sour pork ribs, cola chicken wings, mixed three silk, hairtail, yellow croaker and various braised flavors, etc. There are nearly 20 dishes. Among them, the mixed three silk, cola chicken wings and some vegetarian dishes are made by my sister, and they are all very delicious! ! ! Everyone was very happy and said blessings to each other. After the meal, we posted the word "Fu" and hung Chinese knots. At around twelve o'clock in the evening, we brought fireworks to the park. With the blooming of fireworks, the new year kicks off. It's a new year and a new beginning. I hope that in 2023, I can make great progress in my quality and studies.

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