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Many people work for ten years with only one year of experience.

When we hear that someone has ten years of work experience, we immediately feel very powerful. But in fact, many people have worked for ten years, but only have one year of experience. This is because he used the first year of work experience for ten years, which means that he did not grow in the next nine years. Many times we are doing a thing, just repeating it, without really learning, or trying to find a better way. We always stay within our comfort zone and do things that we are familiar with and do not need to think too much, but in such a comfort zone, we will never grow and gain experience in life , the ability will remain at the previous level. So in everything we do, we should try to find a better way to improve ourselves, while constantly reminding ourselves: Am I really growing, or am I just getting older?


The final exam is coming soon. Recently, the teacher has left a lot of homework, and I have become impetuous. Last week, I even had some conflicts with my sister because of this, but my sister didn't get angry with me, but asked me if I was nervous in the recent class, if there was anything wrong, and wanted to help me solve the problem. After getting a general understanding of the situation, my sister helped me find the problem. It turned out that it was because I didn't hurry up, plus there was a lot of homework, and I didn't want to do things. In the end, I couldn't finish the homework and didn't do things well. Unhappy becomes a vicious circle. So my sister helped me make a new study plan, so that I could hurry up and finish my homework. This week, I followed the new study plan, and my efficiency has improved a lot, and my mood has also improved. I really appreciate my sister who can help me with my problem.

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