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This week is a busy week, because this week is the last few days of this semester, we were doing final examination. This semester is a big improvement for me, especially the English class, I feel I become more nature on speech, at same time I also learn a lot of things that I don't know before in civic class. Hope that I have a good record for this semester in the end of this semester.


Recently because we got some book from the school, I feel that I become more love to read book. before in the break time after the class, I always think about to do something but not to read a book , know, every break time I always hurry up to read a book, fear that waste a little time. Meanwhile, when I actually read in to a book, feel that I can make myself to think in the way as the leading character in a novel, and is really fun. Reading book is actually a good habits that we should develop.

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