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Before I came to this school, I always thought that responsibility is to do well what I think I should do. This is responsibility. However, following my uncle's teachings, I found that these things I did were actually to satisfy my own selfishness, and it was only because these things were in my interests that I considered it a responsibility.

I remember my uncle once taught us not to be hypocrites. True happiness comes from sincerely helping others. If you help others in order to show yourself, that is not real happiness.

After understanding my uncle's teachings, I realized that the sense of responsibility is actually applied in many moments: As an older child, will I sincerely lead by example and set an example for younger children? When I see that it is raining and there is an ant nest next to it, will I help the ants to take refuge? When I meet a person, animal or plant in need, do I sincerely lend a helping hand?

Am I really taking on this responsibility?

Thinking back carefully about the sense of responsibility, I feel very ashamed. I have basically never really taken responsibility in good faith. The real responsibility is to help others unreservedly when they need it, whether it is facing family members, friends or strangers.

Looking back on the old days, I see how often I focused on my own needs and desires and neglected the needs of others around me. Responsibility is not just talking, it is more important to take care and help anyone with a sincere heart.

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