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责任感 Sense of Responsibility






The reason why a big tree can stand tall is because of the support of every root system in the ground. Similarly, the stronger a person's sense of responsibility, the higher he can reach.

What is that sense of responsibility? A sense of responsibility is to do what you should do. That is to assume the tasks that should be undertaken, complete the missions that should be completed, and do the work that should be done well. For example, students should study hard and employees should work hard.

Responsible people know how to commit, pay and persevere. It is these qualities that shape a person's true value. Like a sparkling diamond, it can only shine after being sharpened.

People without a sense of responsibility are frustrating and annoying because they are selfish, childish, and irresponsible. They do not take responsibility for their actions and always pass the responsibility onto others. Such people are difficult to trust because they cannot be expected to do anything well. ​

In the future, I will definitely work hard to get rid of these bad habits in myself and make myself a responsible person worthy of the trust of others.

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