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责任与自律 Responsibility And Self-discipline

“人生苦难重重。这是个伟大的真理,是世界上最伟大的真理之一。它的伟大之处在于,一旦我们领悟了这句话的真谛,就能从苦难中解脱出来,实现人生的超越。只要我们真正理解并接受了人生苦难重重的事实,那么我们就会释然,再也不会对人生的苦难耿耿于怀了。” ——— 《少有人走的路》



"Life is full of suffering. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths in the world. Its greatness is that once we understand the true meaning of this sentence, we can be freed from suffering and achieve transcendence in life. . As long as we truly understand and accept the fact that life is full of hardships, we will be relieved and will no longer be obsessed with the hardships of life.” ——— “The Road Less Traveled”

In fact, each of us has the instinct to escape when faced with problems. And most people do, they seem to think that if they don't face the problem head on, the problem will go away or be solved. Only a few people choose to face problems, accept them, think positively and find solutions. Such people are self-disciplined. They understand that avoiding problems will not only fail to solve the problem, but will even cause greater pain because of their avoidance and procrastination. They take responsibility for current problems and problems that may arise in the future. They will not deceive themselves or others and will not use various excuses to avoid the truth. They are willing to face their shortcomings and mistakes and learn from them. This honesty and courage make them more resilient in the face of difficulties.

When facing life's challenges, only honesty and courage can lead us to a brighter future in the face of adversity.

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