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谦逊 Humility



When we were young, our parents and teachers always told us to be humble, but we just nodded in a daze, echoing "yes" speciously. But why? Why should we be humble? But never really understood or thought about its meaning.

Humility is not superficial hypocrisy or flattery, but an inner quality and attitude. It allows us to have the correct self-awareness and humility, so that we can appreciate the merits of others, respect the opinions of others and be willing to listen to the voices of others. Humility first allows us to understand that the world is so vast and knowledge so profound, no one can be omniscient and omnipotent, and our own knowledge and abilities are very limited. Only when we humbly learn from others, humbly accept others' suggestions and criticisms, and constantly reflect on our own behavior and thoughts, can we continue to make progress. So we should really take humility as our life criterion, remind ourselves to be humble at all times, and integrate it into every bit of life, so that we can become a better and kinder person.

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