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We all know that reading is important, but have you ever thought about why reading is so important?

Because books are the bridge through which we communicate with the past and the future. When we read "Human Weaknesses", we can learn how to get along with others better and improve ourselves; and when we read "The Kite Runner", we can deeply understand the meaning of friendship and loyalty.

Reading is not just the accumulation of knowledge. It is an improvement of thought. Books are like a lamp, illuminating our souls and making our world broader. It allows us to learn to think, learn to criticize, and learn to innovate.

Every book is a new world. When we are immersed in it, it is like having a conversation with the author and colliding with different ideas. This kind of experience can make our thoughts deeper and our horizons broader.

Only by reading can a person truly make progress. Whether it is the growth of thoughts or the improvement of abilities, books are indispensable.

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