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诚实 Honesty



Honesty is not only a quality, but also a kind of wisdom, a kind of wisdom that conforms to God's will.

We have been taught since childhood that "honesty is the basic principle of life." But in the face of interests or in order to achieve a certain goal, people often choose to lie or conceal the truth. This may lead to seemingly perfect results at the time, but such results are often contrary to God's will. The arrangement of God and fate has its own laws and rhythms. When we go against God's will and try to achieve our goals through deception and lies, it often leads to misfortune in our lives. A lie requires countless lies to support it. Instead of this, it is better to handle everything truthfully. Even if the final result is not what we want, we have a clear conscience because we abide by the principles and maintain the truth in our hearts. is bright. The most important thing for a person to live in this world is to have a conscience. A kind person, if people don't repay him, God will repay him, and his future will be bright. So let us stay true to our hearts and be honest people.

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