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诚信 Intergrity





"Integrity" is the basic principle of being a human being. I've heard this truth since I was a child, but I can't always do it.

I used to always copy my homework at school, but the teacher found out, and I insisted that I didn't copy it. Even if the evidence is solid, I would "rather die than surrender" under the teacher's questioning. Why lie? The reason is nothing more than the fear of being punished for mistakes, and for some of my own interests... But what does lying bring? I get terrified by lies. After the homework is handed over to the teacher for correction, I will worry that the teacher will find out that I have plagiarized. Later, after handing in the homework that I completed independently, I still worried that the teacher would mistake me for plagiarism. Gradually lying has become a habit, and sometimes even "letting out a lie" because of some very small things. Because I know that my behavior is wrong, I feel guilty and disturbed, but I can't correct it.

When I came to my uncle, I understood a lot of truths. But the truth is not just listening to it, but more importantly, doing it. In the beginning, facing some of the mistakes I made, I still tried to lie and cover up. But every time my uncle will correct my mistakes and reason with us. In the process of making mistakes, reflecting on, and correcting mistakes, the seeds of honesty slowly took root in my heart, and the first reaction to mistakes is no longer to cover up. Mistakes are the ladder of our growth. We correct our mistakes and learn from them at the same time. It's easier than ever to not lie. Because I know that my heart is bright, I don't have to worry about the truth coming out, and I don't have to live in anxiety and anxiety every day.

Confucius said: "One cannot stand without faith." How sad it is if a person is not trusted! In the future, I will take honesty as the principle of being a human being, and I will never lie or deceive others!

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