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《让愛传出去》觀後感"Pay It Forward" review

Updated: Nov 18, 2022



I recently watched a video called: Let the Love Spread. This video is made from real events. The teacher of the protagonist (Trevor) in the film assigns an assignment to the students: think of a way to change the world and put it into action. Trevor's method is: first he helps three people who are in trouble. But he doesn't expect anything in return, but he will ask the three people who are being helped to help others like him. Although Trevor thought he hadn't succeeded, in the end Trevor really managed to spread the love.

The only regret of this movie is that the little boy didn't see the changes made by his own efforts, and kindness really spread in front of everyone. After watching this movie, it also made me feel that the change of things also starts from the accumulation of bits and pieces. Maybe not all, maybe there is still a dark side among the people who spread, but at the moment that spread helps, it's all light. To help others with kindness is not just to let others see. When helping others, sometimes the starting point may be incorrect, but you must remember to change your starting point. Kindness is something we must do and a responsibility for us. Although we can't be kind every moment now, but I believe that under the education of my uncle, we will definitely work hard in that direction.

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