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认真对待事情的重要性The importance of taking things seriously





The importance of taking things seriously

In the past few days, Xiaoshan, Ziteng and I have been doing the same thing, but the result of the matter shows the difference in the degree of seriousness we take the task.

What I did turned out to be full of mistakes, but compared with me, Ziteng and Xiaoshan's results were very good. Through communicating with them, I learned that they will seriously think about how to do better when doing tasks. This attitude made them noticeably faster the next time they took on a similar task. In contrast, when I do things, I basically don't think about it, and often just do things by feeling. This not only failed to fulfill its due responsibilities, but also led to the failure of things.

Afterwards, I tried to adopt the methods they gave, and carefully checked and checked after I finished. Sure enough, errors were significantly reduced. When doing things in the future, we must learn more from them, and complete everything more seriously and responsibly.

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