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There is a small park near our house, in the park there is a little lake, in the lake lives two geese, recently, everyday we have went to feed them . When we went the day before yesterday, on the path there was a black person on his phone, at the beginning, we didn’t really pay attention to him, but we stayed there for a long time and he didn’t leave, and was just pacing around. So we felt that something was not right, sister Wen looked behind her and saw another black person around 50 or 60 meters away from us, and walking towards us, we thought something definitely was wrong, so we quickly ran away just in case, maybe they weren’t what we thought they were, but when we were running we found that they were really following us, the person that was behind us also changed directions to follow us. We are all relieved that we ran away quickly, so we should be careful of strangers!

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