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观猫之旅 A Tour Of Explore Cat



接下来是“牛奶”,他的走路方式绝对独一无二。后腿交叉,走路声音特别大,就像是自带背景音乐的主角,每一步都充满了律动感。别的小猫走路都是悄无声息的,但是牛奶走路时duang duang的声音在房间里却显得格外突出,也让人忍俊不禁。而当夜幕降临,家中一片宁静时,牛奶会悄悄跳上床,蜷缩在你的怀里,咕噜咕噜的表达他的快乐与满足,那声音就像是温柔的摇篮曲,伴你入眠。





Today I would like to bring you a "cat-watching tour" to enter the small world of cats and explore their unique charm and interest.

First is the head of the family "Wang Zai". Wang Zai has a signature move, which is lying on his back with his arms and legs spread out. Walking around the house, you are likely to find a Wangzai on the ground with its belly turned upward, limbs stretched out, eyes slightly closed, enjoying a moment of tranquility, as if announcing to the world his leisurely contentment.

Next up is "Milk", the way he walks is absolutely unique. The hind legs are crossed and the walking sound is very loud. It is like the protagonist with its own background music, and every step is full of rhythm. Other kittens walk quietly, but when Milky walks, the sound of duang duang stands out in the room, making people laugh. And when night falls and the house is quiet, Milk will quietly jump on the bed, curl up in your arms, and express his happiness and satisfaction with his gurgling voice. The sound is like a gentle lullaby, accompanying you to sleep.

"Dajin" is a snack foodie. He would run to the place where snacks are placed every day, staring at us expectantly with his big eyes. If we ignore him, he will meow and urge us to hurry up and give him snacks. In addition, Daikin also has a special affection for small spaces such as boxes and bags. Whenever a courier comes, he will always jump in and occupy the courier box as soon as possible, as if it is his exclusive territory.

"Yuanbao" is actually a little singer. His meows always echoed through the home, with a hint of dissatisfaction and a lot of anticipation. When he feels lonely, he will shout "meow~meow~" on the first floor, hoping to get attention. Sometimes when he screams, his voice turns a corner, as if he is singing. At this time, as long as we pat the table upstairs and shout "Yuanbao~", he will appear at our feet after a while, waiting to be called to pat him.

Finally, there is "Nuanbao", this independent little girl. She likes to find a warm place by herself, stay quietly, and enjoy her own time, especially next to the radiator in the basement, which is her favorite place. Of course, patting is also her favorite. Every time she is patted, she will always raise her little butt high to express her comfort and satisfaction. There are never too many such moments for her.

These are our kittens, each of them brings us warmth and joy in their own way, making us cherish and appreciate the beauty of life more.

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