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蒜蘸面Garlic Dipping Noodles


In the past two weeks, my uncle has made us two pasta dishes that we haven't eaten for some time, that is garlic dipping noodles. Just because there are a lot of dumpling wrappers left after making dumplings before, the taste of these dumpling wrappers will not be good if they are used to make dumplings next time, so it is just right that these dumpling wrappers can be used to make garlic dipped noodles, which is not wasted , It is easy to make, and it is also very good to eat. This time, in addition to the dipping sauce with simmered seeds that we often eat in the past, there is also a classic flavor of garlic dipping noodles. Served with the soup stock of boiled pork slices, mashed garlic and tomato eggs made by my uncle, the taste is really delicious. This is probably one of the times I have eaten the most garlic dipping noodles in my impression. A large pot of noodle slices was finished by us in a short while.

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