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最近讀文章的時候讀到了很多關於物品也是有生命的。想到以前看到的一個實驗, 說有一個人把兩個杯子裝上米飯,然後對其中一個杯子說表揚的話,對另一個說責備的話。過幾天後米飯發了黴,而說好話的杯子裏是白黴,另一個則是黑黴。這可以看出物體其實也是有生命的,所以我以後要珍惜我身邊的東西,這樣它們才能有更長的壽命。

Recently we wrote a lot of articles about all things have life too. It makes me remember a test, it is about a person put rice in tow bottle and say good word to one of them and say bad word to the other. After it get damaged. After a few days, the rice was moldy, while the cup that receive good word contained white mold and the other had black mold. This shows that everything all has life, So I will cherish the things around me later, so they can have a longer life.

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