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Sometimes we always think about one thing, no matter in the domestic environment or in our uncle’s place, we can actually hear about morality, benevolence and righteousness, and the principles of cultivating the heart to be kind, especially in the streets and alleys of China, buses, and many Similar propaganda slogans are posted in places, but why can’t people really do it when they see it? I think it's like what my uncle taught us, people think about the starting point. The kind of society in China, growing up in that kind of environment, is not you who are competing and deceiving each other. The starting point of thinking is entirely for oneself, for the sake of oneself to be able to get more benefits. The selfishness in the environment and thoughts makes people feel like seeing the four characters of morality, benevolence and justice. No matter how many slogans are just superficial, no sentence can truly penetrate the hearts of the people. The four books and five classics, the stories of virtues, and every article and word in the Chinese classics tell us how to be a modest and courteous gentleman who treats others with generosity. But if we just put it on our lips and talk about it but we can’t actually do it, it’s useless to truly understand it.


Because we basically speak English in our daily life recently, we feel that our English has improved a lot, and we can gradually keep up with the teacher during class, and can understand the teacher without relying on subtitles and translation. In fact, Tom helped me a lot during this period, and most of the English words that Tom didn’t know could answer me. Although Tom himself still has some bad habits that need to be corrected, as far as English is concerned, I need to learn from him.

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