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In daily life, we are often unaware of our habitual waste. The act of washing dishes and wiping the table and many other things leads us to waste a lot of things. After my uncle found out, he taught us and made us realize the importance of saving money.

In the past, whenever I washed dishes, I always used a lot of dishwashing liquid without hesitation, and when cleaning the table, I did not consider whether I should choose a reusable rag, but chose paper towels. After my uncle's instruction, I was deeply ashamed and realized how wasteful and selfish my previous behavior was. From then on, we began to consciously save, no longer waste those resources that can be reused. We remind each other and encourage each other. As time went on, we found that the amount of dish soap and paper towels we used decreased significantly, but our cleaning efficiency also improved significantly. It turns out that waste is just a habit, and saving is a quality. Not only to save dish soap and paper, to save any unnecessary waste.

My uncle taught us by example and word every day. We often see our uncle thrifty and not wasteful in his daily life. The purpose of our education to save is not just to meet the immediate needs, but to hope that we can develop the habit of saving, as well as the value and respect for resources. We sincerely thank uncle, and taught us a good quality.

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