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We all feel joy and pleasure in the face of praise from others, but we are always angry and disgusted by those who criticize us for pointing out our problems. Yes, everyone in this world likes to hear good things, but is it necessarily a good thing to be surrounded by affirmations and praise? As the saying goes, "Good medicine is good for the sick, and good advice is good for the deed." Although criticism and accusation are not good, it is an opportunity for us, an opportunity for improvement, through which we can know our own shortcomings and those who need anger. Direction, I hope that everyone will not be resistant to criticism in the future, because those who point out problems to you are noble people who help you succeed.


Uncle told us that as a person, we must learn to restrain our own desires and to be restrained. Take food as an example, you can't keep eating without restraint just because you encounter what you like to eat. A person who can't restrain his desires has no future. In the past, when I encountered something I liked to eat, I would keep eating it until I finally felt sick and didn’t want to eat it anymore. After I came here, under the guidance of uncle, I began to consciously restrain my desires in all aspects. Not only eating, but also playing with mobile phones, watching the Internet, staying up late, etc. After a period of correction, I found that I had a lot stronger self-control against these temptations, and my mood was much happier than before. This feeling of being able to control myself gave me confidence in my future. I will definitely keep going.

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