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良好习惯Good habits


Good habits

Uncle often tells us that we should develop a good habit when doing things, especially in study and work. When doing things, figure out your purpose, do things well efficiently, distinguish the priority of each thing, arrange it reasonably, put the used things back where they were, and tidy them up. When studying, we must pay attention to the correct method. While ensuring high-quality learning, we must also pay attention to efficiency and a reasonable schedule. At the same time, when doing anything, you should put your mentality in order and adjust your mentality. Just like what my uncle said, many times because we have some hidden or subconsciously incorrect mentality that we have not discovered, such as showing off ourselves and thinking that others are not as strong as we are, it will lead to many things being handled incorrectly. , or often error-prone. Therefore, while maintaining the correct way to deal with things, you should always reflect on yourself to see if there is any potential incorrect psychology, and if so, find out the reason and remove it. After developing such a habit, things will gradually get better and better, and at the same time we will gradually become a better person.

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