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《论语 – 学而篇》中有一段话:“吾日三省吾身,为人谋而不忠乎?与朋友交而不信乎?传不习乎?”虽然这已经成为了人们耳熟能详的口头语,但是其背后隐含的深意,却并没有很多人去探究,或者实践。古人为什么讲吾日三省?是因为无论在什么样的环境下,人们的思想都会随着事件的推移从而变得复杂,自私,甚至阴暗或者邪恶。一日三省,是为了不断的反思自己的言行举止,在日常生活中是在以什么样的心态在做事,或者在做事的过程中掺杂着什么样的心态,详细到每件事情上,事情的对与错,好与坏,都是人们需要去不断反思的。古代人之于吾日三省这句话,是在思考的过程中,人们会逐渐意识到自己心态中不对的地方,从而反省悔过,并在不断反省中纠正错误的行为与心态,从而成为人们所敬佩的君子,甚至圣人。





There is a passage in "The Analects of Confucius-Xue Er Pian": "I examine myself three times a day, am I not loyal to others? Do I not believe in my friends? Are I not used to passing on?" Although this has become a well-known colloquial language, but The deep meaning behind it has not been explored or practiced by many people. Why did the ancients say that I have three provinces in my day? It is because no matter what the environment is, people's thoughts will become complicated, selfish, even dark or evil with the passage of events. The purpose of introspecting three times a day is to constantly reflect on your own words and deeds, what kind of mentality you are doing in your daily life, or what kind of mentality is mixed in the process of doing things. Right and wrong, good and bad, all people need to constantly reflect on. The ancient people used the phrase "Three Reflections in My Day" because in the process of thinking, people will gradually realize what is wrong in their mentality, so as to reflect and repent, and correct the wrong behavior and mentality in the process of continuous introspection, thus becoming what people say. Admired gentlemen, even saints.

However, the method of my three provinces in the day, after understanding the purpose it hopes to achieve, can't play a big role for people today. why? First of all, not all Chinese people worship and learn the orthodox traditional culture, and only a small number of people really understand and practice it. But for these small number of people, how to practice and how to introspect themselves is one of the few. And in the process of introspection, how many people can really realize their wrong mentality or incorrect concept? Very few, or even none.

Although the words are a bit absolute, the facts are right in front of our eyes. In today's society, all kinds of temptations, different speeches, and mutated cultures regard ugliness as beauty and evil as glory. To be honest, in such an environment, I don't think people can really know themselves, and it is impossible to realize what is wrong in their thinking. Because moral standards have been distorted, there is no correct measure of what is good and what is bad. So from this perspective, people's moral standards are deteriorating, and more than a little bit of degeneration.

Uncle often taught us that we must constantly recognize our true self, be able to realize what we are thinking, and what kind of mentality we are doing. Uncle really taught us how to reflect, how to make progress and change from reflection. This is something few people realize and do. People who cannot establish correct thinking and correct reflection habits will only get worse and worse, and will develop more and more in the direction of selfishness and self-interest at the expense of others. If such groups and human beings continue to develop, what they will bring to future generations will only be things that keep going down and regressing.

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