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Recently, when we were meditating together, we read many stories and deeds of ancient people, especially on self-reflection when doing things. Although we have read many similar examples, these stories still shocked me and left a deep impression on me. Although I occasionally think that I should constantly reflect on myself when doing things, I am never as thorough as the ancients who could reflect on everything. While introspecting and discovering that what you have done is wrong, you can continue to dig deeper, find the incorrect starting point in your heart, and even spend your whole life trying to change it. These examples make me admire the principles and cultivation of ancient people. Uncle also often teaches us to constantly reflect on our own hearts when doing things. Only by being able to discover our own mistakes and being willing to discover and face incorrect or selfish thoughts in our hearts can we get rid of them through our own efforts. We must take the examples of these ancients as role models, work hard to practice in every bit of life, and do better ourselves.

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