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自以为是 Opinionated





We live in a self-righteous world where people, regardless of gender or age, always feel that they know everything and can do anything.

Children will feel that their insights surpass those of adults, scorn the teachings of their elders, and think that they already understand everything in the world. Adults, on the other hand, will think that their experience is better than that of young people or other adults, and will be overconfident in their own experience, knowledge and judgment, thereby ignoring new information and perspectives.

Our knowledge is like a circle. When you're just a dot in the beginning, you feel like you can do anything because you think you already know everything. However, when you start to expand yourself and become a circle, you will find that the world is so vast. The bigger your circle of knowledge is, the more aware you are of your own ignorance and insignificance.

An arrogant mentality will only lead us into narrow vision and wrong understanding. Only when we truly realize our lack of knowledge and admit our shortcomings can we truly accept other people's opinions and suggestions. We should always remind ourselves not to be blinded by self-righteousness, and to face our own ignorance and mistakes bravely, so that we can continue to learn and make progress.

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