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脚踏实地 Down to Earth



People always have this thought: If they had made different choices, would their lives be very different now? If I had studied harder, avoided a certain mistake, understood a certain truth earlier, or seized a certain opportunity, would my life have turned out differently? These "what ifs" are like ocean waves that keep popping up in our hearts. However, if you only know assumptions and regrets, and can't even do well in what you are doing, then what is the point of talking about ideals and success?

The reason why many people are successful is not only because they set goals, but also because of their unremitting efforts and perseverance in their daily work. Only by making down-to-earth efforts and accumulating knowledge can success come naturally. Of course, it is also crucial to know yourself correctly and know your strengths and weaknesses. If we only know how to blindly pursue goals that are out of reach for us, we may lose our way on the road to reality. Therefore, we should focus on the work and study at hand, continue to learn, and constantly improve ourselves, so that we can gradually realize our ideals.

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