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美好的初夏Beautiful early summer





Beautiful early summer

The dandelion season is here again, and almost everything around us turns into a golden ocean. The weather has also started to get hotter, and many people have begun to go out in short-sleeves. In the farmland close to the city, the newly sown crops and vegetables have begun to grow vigorously. The leeks at our door are also growing under the nourishment of rain and sunshine. Last Friday, my uncle gathered everyone to pick and make dumplings. They were as delicious as ever. Even all the dumplings made this time were eaten. This seemed to be the first time.

Canadian animals have also begun to appear in people's sights. They can be seen in communities, on fields, or in the sky. Recently, an interesting incident about Canada geese happened around us. matter. One afternoon this week, while driving back, I suddenly noticed several cars coming from the opposite direction parked on the road with their double flashers on. When I was confused, I realized that there were three geese crossing the road. Everyone was happy with the relaxed expression of the goose, because in many cases, especially in China, most animals show a nervous and fearful look when facing humans, and they are always vigilant and alert. It is really a very pitiful thing for small animals to use an aggressive posture to protect themselves. Which life wants to live in a state of fear all the time? I also hope that more people can have a kinder attitude in their lives and take some conveniences when dealing with animals, so that they can live as happily as we do.

As the seasons change and the temperature changes, people's lives are also undergoing subtle changes. Perhaps it is this attitude of living in harmony with nature that makes our lives more beautiful and richer. I hope that in this season, we can cherish every moment with nature more and fill our lives with sunshine and warmth.

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