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美国人的负责 American's Responsibility


This week, I registered for University courses and participated in a day of online campus experience activities, meeting some of the staff and students on campus. I was deeply shocked by their serious and responsible attitude. During the one-day campus experience activities, the 330-person meeting was mainly hosted by 15 seniors and sisters in different parts. They are very serious about answering the questions raised by the freshmen in the meeting. In the chat box, basically the question is posted one second before, and a senior or senior sister will reply in the next second. It will not exceed 5 seconds at most, and there will be accurate and detailed answers. , and even attach a link to the full page. The meeting lasted for a day, and at four or five in the afternoon, everyone was tired, and we could see that the seniors were also tired, but they were still very serious in answering questions, whether they were oral or written. Throughout the meeting, they basically answered 100% of the questions, and I hardly ever saw a single question skipped or ignored. I was greatly shocked by the conscientious attitude of the seniors and sisters. Not just the students, but the advisors and staff I dealt with while enrolling in the courses were also quite responsible. When I registered for classes on the first day, one class was not open and the advisor immediately made an appointment with me to meet tomorrow morning at 9 am to add this class. On the second day, the teacher was punctual, but unfortunately the class was not open yet, so the staff immediately made an appointment for a meeting at 9 am on the third day, and promised that the class would be open tomorrow. We met on the third day, and the staff were very punctual, but it was a pity that this course was still not open, so they immediately helped me arrange a very reasonable alternative course, and told me that I could take this course again next semester. After class selection, when the class schedule was generated for the first time, there was a problem of usage conflict in the same classroom. The staff told me this meant I would have a different schedule each day. When I said that I could not accept this arrangement, they immediately helped me try five or six different arrangements of the courses. When the class schedule generated by each arrangement still had problems, they immediately tried another new arrangement. The whole process lasted about 15 minutes, but they did not show the slightest impatience. We cheered together when the final schedule finally passed, and the timing of the schedule was perfect for me. I really appreciate them, and I feel that even if I can't understand the English displayed on the system, I can trust them, because they will never leave students in the middle, and will try their best to find the best one according to our needs. the result of.

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