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美味的盖浇饭Delicious covered rice


In the past few weeks, my uncle has made us all kinds of donburi, a simple-sounding but delicious meal. Because boys have a relatively large appetite, and in order to make more efficient use of ingredients and time, rice bowls have become a great choice for us, both in appearance and in taste. Coupled with the uncle's excellent cooking skills, tomato and egg rice bowl, braised beef brisket rice bowl, cabbage fried meat bowl, braised eggplant rice bowl, etc., you can smell it from a distance every day. The strong fragrance that comes from can make you have a good meal every day. There are also topping noodles, boiled pork slices, and sauerkraut pork. I am so lucky to eat all kinds of delicacies made by my uncle every day!

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