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罩车罩 Car Cover


Speaking of Canada, people will think of long and cold winters here, and I was the same way when I first arrived in Canada. However, this year’s winter in Canada is more like a fickle doll. Just a moment ago, it was snowing all over the sky, and soon it started to rain. I have never encountered such weather. One night, Yufei and I went to the front door and saw red outside through the door glass. We are still talking about why it is so red outside. When I opened the door, it was completely white outside, and the strong wind mixed with the snow made it difficult to open my eyes. We quickly closed the door, but remembered that the car hood was still on. We took the car cover to the door and swept the snow off the car in the wind and snow. However, the wind and snow were so strong that new snow fell on the area just after sweeping within seconds. This was a race of speed. Finally, while the snow was not falling, we quickly put the car cover on. Before heading back to the house, we paused for a few seconds to admire the swirling snow. A lot of snowflakes fell on everyone and we were all very happy.

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