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The cats sleep in the house during the day, and come out of the bedroom to eat and move around around six in the afternoon. But this week, Yuanbao went to the door early almost every day to figure it out. At the beginning, I would pat him and tell Baby Yuan to sleep well, but after a lot of times, I became impatient, thinking why Bao Bao always didn't sleep well. One day after Yuanbao came out, he ran straight towards me, rubbing against the chair leg to signal me to pat, and then gurgling ~ gurgling ~. I patted my legs and ran to the study room to motion for him to come and pat him, and he immediately followed. Immediately afterwards, he followed me wherever I went, and when I stood still, he also stopped there and looked up at me, and then "meowed". After that, even though he was outside, he still slept on his stomach in the nest. Seeing this, I feel extremely guilty in my heart. What other thoughts can the kitten have? He just wanted to come out and be with people. The reason why I feel impatient is because of the "selfishness" deep in my heart, which feels troublesome and takes up my time. If I really stand from the perspective of a cat, I won't find it troublesome. On the contrary, I will worry about what to do if Yuanbao doesn't sleep enough. Thinking in another way, if I can’t fall asleep while sleeping in the house, I definitely want to go out and play, after all, kittens also long for the feeling of freedom.

Human beings always think about their own interests, and complain when there is something that does not meet their own wishes. People say that raccoons tear down their homes, but from the perspective of raccoons, they just want to find food to eat, and even eat leftover food from humans. But human beings only consider their own interests and feelings, so they find all kinds of reasons and excuses to reject them... I must work hard to get rid of these bad parts of human nature, and try to make myself kinder and more selfless!

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