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细水长流 Simple and Calm


Nowadays, there are many questions on the Internet like "what's the point of living an ordinary life?" It seems that people nowadays want an extraordinary life. In fact, before I came to Uncle’s, my mood could be said to be ups and downs every day, but after I came to Uncle’s, my mood and life were flat. Everyday life is regular, although it seems that we are just doing the same thing repeatedly, and sometimes even feel boring, but when we think about it seriously, our life is not boring. Generally speaking, our mood is calm every day, just like what uncle said: the long flow of water is the real happiness. Our life is not a movie, without so many ups and downs. Life is dull most of the time. Plain is not mediocrity, it is not not enterprising, and it is not muddling along. On the contrary, we learn knowledge, understand truth and increase life experience in these things we do repeatedly every day. Only when the water flows slowly can it last for a long time, and only with a peaceful mind can things be done well.

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