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纯真的小动物Innocent little animal




每当看着臭宝纯真无邪的眼神时,我们都感受到了那种无私和单纯的美好。轻抚她时,她会立刻躺下撒娇,仿佛在告诉我们:“叔叔们,不要停止,再多摸我一会儿吧,要不,就不让你们走。” 谢谢你,臭宝在我们快乐的时候,为我们开心。在你身上,我们学到了什么是真正的单纯和善良。

innocent little animal

Some time ago, another pet dog came to our school, and we named it: Stinky Po. Smelly is a lovely Labrador bitch, now one year old. It has orange-brown fur and a pair of big round black eyes. When Shoubao first came to the school, it was only over 30 kilograms, and now it has weighed more than 80 kilograms.

Smelly is really not picky about his eating habits. No matter what food we give him, he can always solve it quickly, and then wag his tail excitedly, looking forward to looking at us. It seems to be saying: "Uncles, should I take me out to play?" Sometimes we hold dog snacks specially prepared for it in our hands, and it will sit upright and look at us with cute eyes, as if saying: "Uncles, I'm really good, can you give me some snacks?" This is our smart stinking treasure.

Uncle often taught us to be kind to animals, take care of everything around us, whether it is people, animals or plants, we should treat them with kindness and tolerance. After uncle's teaching, we found out: Whenever we are in a happy mood, Chou Bao will happily run to us and share the happiness with us. Although he can be a little mischievous and tear things apart at times, as he grows, we can feel his control over his behavior.

Whenever we look at the pure and innocent eyes of Chou Bao, we all feel the beauty of selflessness and simplicity. When you caress her, she will immediately lie down and act like a baby, as if telling us: "Uncles, don't stop, touch me for a while, or I won't let you go." time, be happy for us. From you, we have learned what is true simplicity and kindness.

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